2014 Best Medical Schools in US for Surgery, Primary Care and Neurology. Interactive Comparison Chart. Plus, the Essential Guide: How to Choose the Right Medical School

A medical career starts with finding the program that best fits your needs and desire. Whether you’re interested in surgery, primary care, neurology or pediatrics, there are a plethora of US Medical Schools/Universities to choose from. We made the process easy.

top-medical-schools-hippocratesOur interactive comparison chart is inspired by the U.S. News & World Report rankings system. Use it to filter the top Medical Schools by name, tuition, enrollment, test scores, school type, location, web site url and phone number for easy access and prompt contacting.

Below the chart, you’ll find a short description on each school, along with pictures and YouTube videos, on some of these Universities. Later down the page, you can access the essential guide on how to chose the right Medical School for you.

Top 47 Medical Schools in the US: Interactive Comparison Chart

USA Medical SchoolTuition (first year)EnrollmentAverage UGrad GPAMedian MCAT BiologySchool TypeLocationWeb SiteContact
Harvard Medical School$54,2007353.812.04PrivateBoston, Massachusetts, UShttp://hms.harvard.edu/(617) 432-1000
Stanford University School of Medicine$48,9994683.812.37PrivateStanford, CA, USAhttp://med.stanford.edu/(650) 723-4000
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine$45,7504733.8712.5PrivateBaltimore, Maryland, U.S.http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/410-955-3182
UCSF School of Medicine $31,1346483.7912PublicSan Francisco, CA, USAhttp://medschool.ucsf.edu/415-476-4044
Perelman School of Medicine$4,872698N/A yetN/A yetPrivatePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, UShttp://www.med.upenn.edu/(215) 662-4000
Washington University School of Medicine$52,0205783.812.5PrivateSt. Louis, Missouri, USAhttp://medschool.wustl.edu/314-362-6848
Yale School of Medicine$51,480479N/A yetN/A yetPrivateNew Haven, Connecticut, USAhttp://medicine.yale.edu/index.aspx203-785-2643
University of Missouri School of Medicine$23,7243873.7710PublicColumbia, MO, USAhttp://medicine.missouri.edu/573-882-9219
Duke University School of MedicineN/A yet4023.812PrivateDurham, North Carolina, USAhttp://medschool.duke.edu/919-684-2985
University of Washington School of Medicine$15,347N/A yet3.6810.73PublicSeattle, Washington, USAhttp://uwmedicine.washington.edu/206-543-7212
Pritzker School of Medicine$37,9704513.8212.3PrivateChicago, IL, USAhttp://pritzker.bsd.uchicago.edu/773-702-1937
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA$12,245674N/A yetN/A yetPublicLos Angeles, California, USAhttp://dgsom.healthsciences.ucla.edu/310-825-6081
University of Michigan Medical School$50,0001,4503.4N/A yetPublicAnn Arbor, Michigan, USAhttp://medicine.umich.edu/medschool/734-763-5796
University of California, San Diego School of Medicine$12,2455033.7311.5PublicLa Jolla, California, United USAhttp://som.ucsd.edu/858-534-3880
Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical SciencesN/A yet4053.7211.8PrivateNew York, New York, USAhttp://weill.cornell.edu/212-746-1067
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine$44,0304363.8111.87PrivateNashville, TN, USAhttp://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/615-322-2145
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine$44,7265893.7412.32PublicPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAhttp://www.medschool.pitt.edu/412-648-9891
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine$48,3997123.7712PrivateChicago, Illinois, USAhttp://med-admissions.northwestern.edu/312-503-8206
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiN/A yet5053.6411.4PrivateNew York, NY, UShttp://ichan.mssm.edu/212-241-6696
New York University School of MedicineN/A yet7113.7711.2PrivateNew York, NY, USAhttp://school.med.nyu.edu/212-263-5290
Baylor College of Medicine$44,0606783.8N/A yetPrivateHouston, Texas, UShttp://www.bcm.edu/713-798-4842
University of North Carolina School of Medicine$8,188N/A yet3.7110.88PublicChapel Hill, North Carolina, USAhttp://www.med.unc.edu/(919) 962-8331
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine$53,3208233.7312.2PrivateCleveland, Ohio, USAhttp://casemed.case.edu/216-368-3450
Emory University School of Medicine$45,0005313.711.8PrivateAtlanta, Georgia, USAhttp://med.emory.edu/404-727-5660
Mayo Medical School$43,1501943.85N/A yetPrivateRochester, MN, USAhttp://www.mayo.edu/mms507-284-2316
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center$900.00427N/A yetN/A yetPublicDallas, Texas, USAhttp://www.utsouthwestern.edu/215 648-3606
University of Virginia School of Medicine$30,1005563.7411.13PublicCharlottesville, Virginia, UShttp://www.medicine.virginia.edu/804-924-5571
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health$23,8256763.7410.9PublicMadison, Wisconsin, USAhttp://www.med.wisc.edu/608-263-4925
Oregon Health & Science University$37,0455223.6611PublicPortland, and Hillsboro, Oregon, USAhttp://www.ohsu.edu/503-494-2998
Carver College of Medicine$26,1135833.7411.2PublicIowa City, Iowa, USAhttp://www.medicine.uiowa.edu/319-335-8052
Keck School of Medicine of USC$50,2467163.6712PrivateLos Angeles, California, USAhttp://www.usc.edu/schools/medicine/323-442-2552
Boston University School of Medicine$52,4267133.6811.81PrivateBoston, Massachusetts, USAhttp://www.bumc.bu.edu/busm/617-638-4630
Geisel School of Medicine$50,6463953.812PrivateHanover, New Hampshire, USAhttp://geiselmed.dartmouth.edu/603-650-1505
University of Minnesota Medical School$29,9759103.7111.25PublicMinneapolis & Duluth, Minnesota, USAhttp://www.med.umn.edu/612-625-7977
University of Rochester Medical Center$46,1444333.6710.7PrivateRochester, NY, USAhttp://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/admiss585-275-4539
Albert Einstein College of Medicine$45,4427243.610.6PrivateNew York City, NY, USAhttp://www.einstein.yu.edu/718-430-2106
UC Davis School of Medicine$34,8744153.610.71PublicSacramento, California, USAhttp://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/medschool/(916) 734-4800
University of Florida College of Medicine$18,9174583.710.77PublicGainesville, Florida, USAhttp://www.med.ufl.edu/352-273-7990
Georgetown University School of Medicine$55,163N/A yet3.610PrivateWashington, D.C., USAhttp://som.georgetown.edu/(202) 687.0100
University of Alabama School of Medicine$24,5107593.7210.3PublicBirmingham, Alabama, USAhttps://www.uab.edu/medicine/home/205-934-2433
University of California, Irvine School of Medicine$31,1344303.6811.3PublicIrvine, CA, USAhttp://www.som.uci.edu/(949) 824-5388
Indiana University School of Medicine$33,0191,3183.711.1PublicIndianapolis, Indiana, USAhttp://www.medicine.iu.edu/317-274-3772
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine$28,8206633.7211.15PublicCincinnati, OH, USAhttp://med.uc.edu/513-558-7314
Tufts University School of MedicineN/A yet6953.510.5PrivateBoston, Massachusetts, USAhttp://www.tufts.edu/med/617-636-6571
University of Massachusetts Medical School$8,3524253.5910.46PublicWorcester, Massachusetts, USAhttp://www.umassmed.edu/508-856-2323
Wake Forest School of Medicine$46,4844693,6010.46PrivateWinston-Salem, North Carolina, USAhttp://www.wakehealth.edu/school/336-716-4264
University of Illinois College of Medicine$25,2081,4003.5710PublicChicago, Illinois USAhttp://www.medicine.uic.edu/312-996-5635

Top 47 Medical Schools in the US

Harvard Medical School

top-medical-schools-Harvard-Medical-SchoolHMS that stands for Harvard Medical School is the particular Medical School of Harvard University for graduates. Its location is in proximity to Boston Massachusetts in Longwood Medical Area of the mission hill. Of late this school has been the leading one in research all over United States by the U.S News and World Report. This Medical School has a distinguished and large teaching staffs that enable it take care of research, clinical care and education matters. The science department located at the HMS quadrangle is the meeting point of the Harvard Medical School distinguished faculty. Appointments are also held at the clinical departments in Harvard affiliated institutions in Boston.

Stanford University School of Medicine

This is the Medical School of Stanford University. It is in the Stanford University medical center at Stanford in California. This Medical School inherited the medical department of the University of Pacific which was in San Fransisco in the year of 1858. After this it was called Cooper Medical College until it was taken by Stanford in the year 1908. As a result of it being a descendant of the old University of Pacific Stanford Medical School is positioned as the oldest Medical School around Western United States. In 1959 the Medical School moved to Stanford campus which is in proximity to Palo Alto. Pacific free clinic and arbor free clinic are two free clinics managed by Stanford Medical School. The Medical School is well known for encouraging innovations in medicine, discoveries, interventions and novel methods within its curriculum.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

This school is located at Baltimore, Maryland in United States. It is the medical research and teaching academic arm of Johns Hopkins University. It has received very many research grants given by national institutes of health thereby making it constantly one of the best Medical Schools. Moreover Johns Hopkins Hospital which is the school’s teaching hospital was positioned the best hospital in United States between 1991 and 2011 annually and later in 2013. This has been done by U.S News and World Report.

UCSF School of Medicine – University of California, San Francisco

This was the fourth school in ranking in 2013 among other Medical School in U.S that are research based. This report was released by U.S News & World Report. In basic care ranking of Medical School, UCSF was fourth. It has been unique as it has been the only school to be ranked among the top five schools in both   or primary care and research categories. This Medical School has also been at the top in matters related to fighting HIV/AIDS and internal medicine. UCSF Medical School has been the best public Medical School to get awards amounting to $532.8 million in NIH funds and has been the second biggest receiver of national institute of health research funds among other US Medical School in 2011.

Perelman School of Medicine

It is popularly known as Penn Med. It is the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania. It is found in the University City section of Philadelphia. 1765 is the year that this Medical School was started making it the oldest Medical School in United States. Biomedical education and research have made Perelman school of medicine a major center of late. As a result it has been popularly regarded as one of the best Medical Schools in the country. It also receives numerous NIH research awards and this boosts its overall rank.

Washington University School of Medicine

It is found in St. Louis, Missouri and is the Medical School of Washington University. According to U. S News & World Reports this Medical School is in position 6 in research. It is among the best bioMedical School in United States. Since ranking of Medical Schools started being published in 1987, Washington University School of Medicine has consistently been among the top ten Medical Schools in United States. Forest park borders this Medical School to the east.

Yale School of Medicine

It is in Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Yale College started it as its medical institution in 1810 and later opened the Medical School in 1813. Yale-New Haven Hospital is the basic teaching hospital of this Medical School. One of the most popular largest medical libraries that are modernized, that is, Harvey Cushing is found in this Medical School. It has a number of teaching staffs that enables it work appropriately in matters related to primary care and research.

University of Missouri School of Medicine

This Medical School is located in southern area of the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, Missouri. It emerged to be the first Medical School that was publicly supported west of Mississippi River. This school provides a curriculum that encourages medical education based on research and clinical experience. For programs that emphasize on self-directed learning, early clinical experience and problem solving, this school has been a pioneer to such programs. Students are given a chance to get experience and education through practicing medicine in rural areas. This is enabled by Rural Track Program and the Pre-Admissions Programs provided by the school.

Duke University School of Medicine

This is the Medical School of DukeUniversity. In the year 1925 it is when this Medical School was started by its founder James B Duke. It has been popularly known for biomedical research and patient care in the world.

University of Washington School of Medicine

University-of-Washington-School-of-MedicineIt is found in Seattle in Washington and is a public Medical School. It is connected to University of Washington. It has a record of being the pioneer of public Medical Schools in Washington, MontanaIdaho, Wyoming and Alaska. It has teaching facilities that are networked in more than 100 cities and towns across the five regions of the state. As a result students taking medicine in these five regions take their first years in their home state universities.

Pritzker School of Medicine

In University of Chicago and in the Biological Sciences Division, this school is the M.D granting unit. As at now it is ranked as the eleventh University because it is one of the selective universities you can talk about. This University made its first enrollment in around 1927. It is situated in Hyde Park that is the University’s main campus. The University was renamed in around 1968. This was based on the Pritzker family of Chicago who were the founder of the Hyatt hotel. The group made great contributions to the University that made them acquire that honor. The latest statistic in 2012-2013 shows that there were 5670 who applied. Out of these 604 got the chance to be interviewed for the 88 spots in the class.

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

This is the University of California, Los Angeles school of medicine. The school was named after media mogul David Geffen. This came after his $200 million donation for the University in unrestricted funds in 2001. The University is an accredited school of medicine.

University of Michigan Health System

This is one of the best wholly owned academic medical centers. It is located in Arbor. The University is made up of U-MHospitals and health centers. These comprise of the Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital, 120 outpatient clinics, UniversityHospital, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and other 40 health centers. The University is also made up of the U-MMedicalSchool. This has the Faculty Group with several laboratories meant for research purposes. The University also participates in providing the best health care through its U-M School of Nursing and other medical centers and hospitals.

University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

This Medical School had its first class in around 1968. This implies the first graduation ceremony was in 1972. It is located in La Jolla, California, USA. In this graduation it produced some of the best physicians. This gave it the priority to become one of the elite Medical Schools. It became a national spotlight in 1971 because its inaugural class had the highest score in the country on the National Board of Medical Examiners Step 1 Examination.

Weill Cornell Medical College

The Medical School is also ranked amongst the best selective schools in the USA. It was renamed after the Citigroup chairman Sanford Weill who gave out his endowment gift for the school. The school operates as a Medical School of Cornell University and biomedical research unit. It is located close to the Cornell Graduate school of Medical Sciences. They are both situated within 1300 York Avenue specifically on the upper side of Manhattan. From the school’s statistics it enrolls about 100 students in every class. For example in 2012 it had f5886 applicants and of these 821 got to be interviewed for 101 available seats. Its mean GPA undergraduate score for all successful applicants is 3.78 while the MCAT is 35Q.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

This is one of the best Medical Schools for the best research centers and high care in their clinics. It is situated in Nashville, TN. It is currently the tenth best school in amongst the U.S Medical Schools for funding from national institutes of health but 15th overall in the U.S News and World Report 2015. The Medical School has made two discoveries. These are the discovery of metabolic regulating compound cyclic AMP and Stanley Cohen who discovered the colleague of epidermal growth factor. These occurred in 1971 and 1986 respectively.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

This school of medicine is also known as Pitt Med. The schools offer the doctor of medicine, medical program and graduate programs. The graduate programs offer the doctor of philosophy and master’s degrees in different fields of biomedical science, medical education, medical informalities and clinical research. This University is located in Oakland next to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

This is one of the Northwestern University’s 12 colleges and schools. It has smart programs of full time doctor of medicine degree program. The other degree programs include: graduate medical education, continuing medical education and multiple joint degree programs. It has one of the best research institutions. The main schools’ aim is to transform the coming generation of physicians and scientist. The University is located in the Streeterville that borders Chicago in USA.

Icahn School of Medicine – Mount Sinai

The University was chattered by Mount SinaiHospital in 1963. This is the reason the school is referred to as Mount Sinai School of Medicine. This American school is located in the New York borough of Manhattan in the state of New York. The school and Mount Sinai are within the same area and are close to the Central Park on the upper side of Manhattan. The Mount Sinai comprise of Mount SinaiMedicalCenter. The president and CEO of the hospital is Kenneth L. Davis, MD.

New York University School of Medicine

This is the 19th Medical School in the U.S News and World Report. It was formed in 1841 of which it was a University Medical College. This school is a sub section of the New York University Langone Medical Center. The University is situated in the 550 First Avenue in New York City. It was named after Kenneth Langone who is the financial backer and also an investment banker.  

Baylor College of Medicine

This college is composed of Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine. The college is amongst the best research intensive Medical Schools within the country. It has branches like the Baylor College of National School of Tropical Medicine, the Baylor College of Medicine School of Allied Health Sciences and the Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

University of North Carolina School of Medicine

The University provides degree in doctor of medicine and other combinations of doctor of medicine like Master of Public Health degrees. It is located in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Due to its great performance it is one of the top rated universities. It has been recently ranked as the 22nd in research activities and the first University in primary care. The National Institutes of Health greatly contributed to the $298 million it received in 2007.

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

This University is one of best graduate schools of Case Western Reserve University. It has been ranked by U.S News and World Report for its performance amongst the American Medical Schools. It features in the top 25 schools and it is the biggest biomedical research center in Ohio. It is situated in the circle next to Cleveland within the University in Ohio. It has recently attained high MCAT score of 35 in their 2013 entering class.

Emory University School of Medicine

It is a Graduate Medical School of the Emory University and a constituent of Emory’s Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center. This University customarily ranks among the world’s highest ranked institutions for clinical care, biomedical and research . Its origin traces back to 1915, when the Atlanta Medical College (found in 1854), the Atlanta School of Medicine (found in 1905) , and the Southern Medical College (found in 1878) merged.

Mayo Medical School

top-medical-schools-us-Mayo-Medical-SchoolMayo Medical School is a research University and a Medical School that is a component of the Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota, United States. It is recognized as one of the least expensive Medical Schools in the private sector in the academic school year 2012-2013 that grants medical degrees. It is sanctioned by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Presently, it is considered to be the most selective school on the terms of acceptance rate as it had an acceptance rate as low as 2.1% in the year 2012.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern) is one of the most important biomedical research and medical education institutions in the US. It is a flagship Medical School of the University of Texas system.It is located in Southwestern Medical District, has a 231 acre (0.93 km2) campus in Dallas and incorporates UT Southwestern Medical School, UT Southwestern School of Health Profession ,UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and four officially attached hospitals: Parkland Memorial Hospital, Zale Lipshy University Hospital, Children’s Medical Center, and St. Paul University Hospital.

University of Virginia School of Medicine

The University of Virginia School of Medicine is a prominent Medical School that is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States. It is a constituent of the world-famous University of Virginia since the its foundation in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. It is the 10th Medical School to open up in the United States. It has ties with the University of Virginia Health System. Its facilities are on the grounds of University of Virginia, just adjacent to historic Academical Village.

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (UWSMPH) is a professional school for learning public health and medicine at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

This school ranks as one of the top Medical Schools by the aspect of research funds and expenses, being allocated US$446 million as research expenditures in 2006.

The UWSMPH is ranked by World Report and U.S. News as one of the country’s best Medical Schools for primary care and counts among the top thirty research schools. In the graduate school rankings(2013 edition), UWSMPH was ranked as 12th in the sector of primary care education and 27th among the research schools.

Oregon Health & Science University

A public University in Oregon with a main campus that includes two hospitals in Portland, The Oregon Health & Science Univerity was found in 1974 as the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, which combined medicine, nursing programs and state dentistry, all into a single center.

It has various partnership programs with the OregonStateUniversity located in Corvallis including a joint PharmD pharmacy program.

Carver College of Medicine

The Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine is the Medical School of the University of Iowa, Iowa City, U.S. state of Iowa. This college became the first notable co-educational Medical School of the United States and was one of the 22 original members of the Association of the American Medical Colleges in 1876.

It is nationally reputed for excellence. Its primary-care program was ranked 9th in 2011 in the country, and the research program was ranked 26th by U.S. News & World Report in the same year. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for the training of students also received positive remarks in 13 specialties, including top ten rankings for ophthalmology, otolaryngology and orthopedics.

Keck School of Medicine of USC

The Keck School of Medicine is the Medical School of University of Southern California. It is a major center of education, medical research and patient care. Found in 1885, the Keck School of Medicine is the oldest Medical School of Southern California.

It is situated on the University’s 30.8 acre (125,000 m2) Health Sciences campus which is three miles (5 km) northeast of the downtown Los Angeles, California. It is adjacent to Los AngelesCounty and the USCMedicalCenter which is one of the largest and famous teaching hospitals in the U.S.

Boston University School of Medicine

Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) is one of a graduate schools of The Boston University. Established in 1848, this Medical School holds the unique distinction of the first school in the world to officialy educate female physicians. It is also noted to be the first Medical School in the US to award a degree of M.D. to an Afro-American woman in 1864.

Geisel School of Medicine

The Geisel School of Medicine is the Medical School of Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, United States. It is the 4th oldest Medical School of the United States. It was established in 1797 by a physician named Nathan Smith of New England and it grew exponentially over the course of 19th century. It has achieved several milestones in the field of medical care and research including the first clinical X-ray (1896), the Brattleboro rat (1961) and the first intensive care unit in the United States (1955).

University of Minnesota Medical School

The University of Minnesota Medical School is a Medical School of The University of Minnesota. Its a combination of two campuses, one located in Minneapolis and other in Duluth, Minnesota.

The Duluth campus has about 60 students enrolled for each of the first 2 years of the Medical School. After that, they are automatically shifted to the Twin Cities campus for the clinical rotations. Their mission is to select and educate those students who will probably select Primary Care/Family Medicine and practice in the rural locations. It aims to educate an increasing number of Native American students as medical professionals.

University of Rochester Medical Center

The University Of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), Rochester, New York, is one among the main campuses of The University of Rochester which comprises the University’s primary medical research, education and patient care facilities. It includes a PrenatalCenter, Liver Transplant Center, Trauma Center, Burn Center, an Epilepsy Center, the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, Cardiac Transplant Center which also includes a NIH-designated AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Unit and an AIDS Treatment Center. Large portion of its biomedical research is carried out in the Arthur Kornberg Medical Research Building.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Albert-Einstein-College-of-MedicineAlbert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein), a graduate school of The Yeshiva University is a non-profit, nonsectarian and private Medical School situated on the Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus situated in the Morris Park neighborhood of the Bronx in The New York City. It offers graduate biomedical degrees in addition to the medical degrees, through the Sue Golding Graduate Division. Its main areas of focus are basic research, clinical investigation and medical education.

UC Davis School of Medicine

The University Of California Davis School Of Medicine is one among the five Medical Schools of The University of California, in state of California. Established in 1966, the school graduated its first batch of physicians in 1972. The school has research facilities on the Davis campus. Its new building opened in the December 2006 , and the school has recently transitioned all the Medical School classes to their Sacramento campus.

University of Florida College of Medicine

The University Of Florida College Of Medicine is a school of the University of Florida. It has facilities in Jacksonville and Gainesville. It grants the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Physician Assistant (P.A.) and Doctor of Medicine-Doctor of Philosophy (M.D.-Ph.D.) degrees to the graduates. Its mission is to produce the new generation of specialists, health policy leaders, scientists and clinical researchers.

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Georgetown University School of Medicine is a Medical School founded in 1851. It is one of the GeorgetownUniversity’s five grad schools. Situated on the Reservoir Road in the Georgetown neighborhood of WashingtonDC, it is adjacent to University’s main campus. To provide a new and comprehensive approach to medical education is the mission behind it. It works in association with a 609-bed GeorgetownUniversityHospital, and ten other affiliated community and federal hospitals in Washington metropolitan area. It is the oldest Catholic Medical School of the United States.

University of Alabama School of Medicine

The University of Alabama School of Medicine at UAB, or the UAB School of Medicine (more commonly known), is a Medical School in public sector which is located in Birmingham, Alabama with various branch campuses in Huntsville, at the University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences in Tuscaloosa and at Montgomery. Residency programs are also available, located in Selma, Montgomery and Huntsville

University of California, Irvine School of Medicine

The University of California, Irvine School of Medicine is an LCME sanctioned Medical School which is co-located in OrangeCounty’s cities of the Irvine on the University of California and the Irvine campus. U.S News & World Report ranked it the 44th Medical School in Research and the 86th in the Primary Care in 2013.

Indiana University School of Medicine

The Indiana University School of Medicine is medical research center and Medical School connected to the IndianaUniversity. Its principal medical and research center is at the IndianaUniversity – that is, the Purdue University Indianapolis campus in Indianapolis. This Medical School awarded the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree to its first batch in 1907. It is presently the second largest Medical School with over 2000 students enrolled in 2013 in the United States. It offers various joint degree programs, including an NIH-designated Medical Scientist Training Program, which is a highly competitive subset of MD/PhD programs and an MD/MBA, MD/MA, MD/MPH, and an NIH-designated Medical Scientist Training Program, a highly competitive subset of MD/PhD programs.

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The College of Medicine was founded in 1819 by Daniel Drake as the Medical College of Ohio. It became a component of the University of Cincinnati in 1896, and is considered by some of the historians as the oldest Medical School in west of the Allegheny Mountains. It is supposed to be the second oldest public college of medicine in the US.

Live polio vaccine was developed by Albert Satin at this College of Medicine. Other accomplishments include the development of the Benadryl, the antihistamine, the heart-lung machine, the Fogarty heart catheter, and the Clark oxygen electrode. The University also established the county’s first residency program for emergency medicine. It is noted for the neurosurgical research into degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and the Parkinson’s disease.

Tufts University School of Medicine

The Tufts University School of Medicine is one of the 8 schools which form the TuftsUniversity. It is customarily ranked among the world’s best medical institutions for research in clinical medicine. It has clinical affiliations with a large number of doctors and researchers in the United States and world-over. Impact rates of the Tufts University School of Medicine’s research is ranked sixth among U.S Medical Schools by Thomson Reuters’ Science Watch for its overall medical researches and within the top five for certain specialized research areas like the chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, cholera, urology, pediatrics and public health & health care science.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

The University Of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) is one of the five campuses of the University of Massachusetts (UMass) system. A home to three schools: the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the Graduate School of Nursing, the School of Medicine; it is a biomedical research enterprise, and offers a wide range of public service initiatives throughout the state. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts; it is one of the fastest growing academic health centers of the country.

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Wake Forest School of Medicine is a Medical School of the WakeForestUniversity, situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is affiliated with WakeForestBaptistMedicalCenter. The U.S. News & World Report ranked the school as 19th best in the country for primary care and 46th best in research in 2013. It also ranks in top third of U.S. Medical Schools in getting funding from the National Institutes of Health.

University of Illinois College of Medicine

The University Of Illinois College Of Medicine offers a 4 year program which leads to the MD degree at four different campuses: Chicago, Rockford, Peoria, and Urbana–Champaign. The total enrollment of medical students in the University was 1,290 in the year 2011.

How to Choose the Right Medical School (The Essential Guide)

If you are trying to select the Medical School that is right for you, then you are at the right place. You might be getting ready to apply, or might be lucky to be in a position where you have to accept the right school’s offer. It is spring, the time most of the applicants come to realization that their applications are due in June or their decisions about offers of acceptance are due by May 15.

It can be challenging to choose which school to apply. Everyone has their dream schools they’d love to attend, but sadly not everyone can make it because of their scores. It is an important, difficult, time consuming and sometimes expensive part of application process. You have to take a decision which school will fit you the best. Here are a few important tips which will help you to develop a precise and solid list of schools to which you should apply.

Categories of Medical Schools

There are about 141 sanctioned MD granting universities in the U. S and about 30 accredited DO granting universities. Approximately 80 among these can be described as the “state schools,” i.e. public schools rather than private institutions and usually favoring the residents of their own state. Until you have a reason to not to be doing so, you must definitely apply to the schools in your own home state, since chances of acceptance there are usually higher for you; and also the tuition fees is lower than those of private schools. In most of the cases the education will be as good as private schools. Many times it is pointless to apply to a state school outside your own state, so that rules out a large number of schools from the list.

Criteria for acceptance

It is unlikely that you will be accepted at many of the good schools if your GPA in science as calculated for AMCAS is below 3.7 on a 4-point scale or your MCAT score is below 33, unless you have a very unusual personal experience or you are a minority student. However, if your science GPA is at least 3.4 and MCAT total at least 30, it leaves you a chance for more than three dozen of private Medical Schools in addition to your state schools.

1. Geography

For financial as well as personal reasons, it is important to know whether you are willing to spend the big four years of your life at a particular place before you begin applying. You must not restrict yourself geographically to certain popular areas like New York or Southern California. In some instances, however, applying to Medical Schools in your state could be advantageous.

Geography can affect your choices in the two stated ways. Firstly, many of the “private” Medical Schools prefer applicants from their own state or region. Secondly, you may yourself exercise certain geographical likes and dislikes to some degree, for example, you may not want to live in some big cities, or you may conversely want exposure to bloody trauma cases and rare horrible diseases which you might not be able to get in the rural settings.

Applying to Medical Schools as in-state candidate puts you at advantage in the admission process. Many of the state schools have less than 15% of their students come from outside their state. In-state tuition fees also tend to be lower. However, many of the state schools admit over 20-25% of the students from outside. These are the schools that make sense to investigate. Don’t be afraid to look for schools in those states which on first look you won’t consider!

2. Number of schools

Aim for about 14 to 17 schools. Depending on various factors like geographic restrictions, finances, etc, do not apply to less than 10 or more than 20 schools. Applying to more than 20 schools will just drain your money and time, and at the same time decrease your ability to prepare for quality application materials.

3. Your GPA and MCAT score

Take a look at the average scores of the accepted students’ profiles at the schools you’re interested in and compare them with your scores. This information is available on the websites of most of the Medical Schools. No need to get discouraged, as the average includes numbers both below and above the mean. Even if you’re below average of some school, in which you are really interested, it is still worth a try, especially if other accomplishments made by you are strong.

4. School tiers

By applying to the right mix of schools, you can maximize your chances of getting the much coveted acceptance letter. Research the websites of various schools to see what programs, research tracks or other opportunities are offered. The AAMC has a list of Medical Schools if you are unfamiliar with them or if you would like to broaden your options. Usually it is good to apply to few schools in a particular tier where your scores match those of the average accepted applicants and a few higher-tier schools, where your scores may be a little less as compared to others, and a few backup schools where your scores are higher than those of the average student’s. One must also apply to some public schools in his/her home state regardless of the tier. This way you have a mix of all possible schools, maintaining the chances of getting into your dream school.

5. Finances

Depending on your choice, whether public or private school, the difference in tuition fees can be astronomical. You must decide for yourselves that whether attending a school high on the list worth the extra hard earned thousands of dollars! So evaluate your financial situation and then decide what is the best is for you. Perhaps, valuable than the top few schools, would be to accept the scholarship at a state school with large financial packages.

6. Gut Instinct

If you are unable to select which school to attend till now, listen to your instinct. Most of the times you know what you want, but you just can’t make up your mind. It’s important for you to recall your impressions of every school you have interviewed at, as this will help you to make quicker choices. There is no sense trying to fit yourself in a school, which doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Trust your instincts; in most of the complex situations of life, your heart can simplify and accurately assess many complicated factors.

For more insights, check these 35 questions about Medical Schools:



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You get the point.

The web is like a jungle though.

It takes days, weeks and even months to find the right information, and glance through a dozen of web pages and rankings. Who has enough hours in a day to be able to do all this, and then separate the good from the bad and the ugly?

Fortunately, I blog full-time, so I had to devote enough quality time to read, research, and write this article/comparison chart, while providing valid and up to date data (at the time of writing). If I made any typos/mistakes, please contact me ASAP.

If you think this post – 47 Top Medical Schools in US. 2014 Chart + Guide – was helpful to you, then please refer it to your friends, contacts and other people who you think may benefit from this information.

A simple gesture on your part and you may help someone in need looking for the top Medical Schools in US. A quick email or social media share is all it takes to make someone happy today.


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